Models and Sizes

Grandeur Bifold doors and frames have premium grade weather seals and patented high performance stainless steel folding/sliding hardware. Every door and frame is "double sealed" front and back to prevent draft and water ingress.

The bottom of the frame on standard door sets incorporates a unique timber/aluminium combination sill design, utilizing an aluminium sub-sill for optimum drainage, and is specifically designed for use in external wall installations.

In circumstances where Grandeur Bifold door sets are to be fitted internally within the home or between a conservatory or sunroom, A "flush sill" option is available. Which can be set directly into the floor to achieve a flush appearance.

All door sets feature 1" thick Low E Dual Glazed Glass, which is tempered and provides the highest standard R value in the industry.

"Tempered" means Grandeur Bifold glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass and for safety, exhibits similar properties to a car windshield when broken. Shattering into small pieces rather than highly dangerous shards.

All doors and frame sets are made from engineered timber including a laminated hardwood core which provides added stability and reduces twisting, bowing, warping and splitting.

Each access door has a robust, 3-point security locking system. Additionally, all door sets incorporate internal drop bolts in between each folding "leaf', which slide up and down into the timber head and bottom sill of the frames for increased security.

All door sets are top hung, so unlike temperamental and troublesome bottom roller systems, they won't jam or stick if slightly clogged with everyday dirt and debris. A "top hung" system is mechanically the most efficient method. This means all the weight hangs from the top, so it is imperative that an adequate header is over the opening and that the Grandeur Bifold frame head is securely fixed into the header.

The majority of components are pre-machined for ease of assembly. Frame screws, special header screws don't require anchors.